One of the single most significant assets of any business is the staff, and at Care Brands this is a major priority.


We select staff that are a good “fit” not only to our business but also to that of the client for whom we are working.

All staff will:-

  1. be uniformed, well presented, and displaying our corporate image,
  2. undertake Police clearance checks,
  3. refrain from smoking on business or client premises,
  4. be skilled and trained in their work tasks, and
  5. undertake ongoing training, guidance and development.

Care Brands is extremely alert to the safety of our staff, business, clients, and the community. We are continuously reviewing our systems, policies, and practices to ensure a safe environment for our staff, residents, and visitors.

We provide and enforce the use of all available safety equipment, in addition to maintaining appropriate levels of WorkCover & Public Liability insurances.

Care Brands is very conscious of our community and values strongly our responsibilities to support charity. The Directors of Care Brands have a long history with major Australian not-for-profit organisations, and have a wealth of understanding in this field.

Blood donations are also considered a valuable community contribution, and Care Brands endorses paid time off for staff to make donations.